#MTMTE50 or 50 reason why I love MTMTE

Well, here goes the new-found popularity of my fanpage. Bye, bye, it was nice to have you for a week.

As you probably didn't know, TF: MTMTE is heading towards its #50 issue, so the fandom decided to "borrow" the hashtag #MTMTE50, used by James Roberts on Twitter to share miscellaneous things about the comic he writes and we love and everyone is welcomed to write their 50 reasons for loving MTMTE. So here are mine:

1. "Pfftt" is not only used by me in everyday life, but also by my friends. It beats emoji every time.
2. Megatron is afraid of needles - just like me.
3. Whirl was once Saint Mary.
5. Mechtrioshka is now a word.
6. When Megatron and Rodimus combine their charismas, nobody is safe.
7. There was Fort Maximus with snakes on the motherfucking spaceship.
8. And robotic My Little Ponies.
9. Everybody dies.
10. I still wonder about Starscream's speech at Megatron's trial.
11. Nickel! I want to be her when I grow up.
12. Remember when Whirl ended the war between different fractions of Ammonites? Good times!
13. Also, Ammonites! Bigger, longer and uncut.
14. There was this time once, when Roller gave birth to time-travelers...
15. Senator X is Shockwave. I still can't get over it.
16. Also, Orion Pax stealing The Declaration of Independence the Matrix.
17. And Rodimus breaking the Matrix (are we still focusing on it?)

18. Gay robots. In space. On a quest. To find themselves.
19. The fact that 6 worst Decepticons ever and Grimlock are happier that some of the Lost Lighters.
20. And they have dreams and plans.
21. The fact that Lost Light is a spaceship with a mohawk.
22. There was a budding romance between Ratchet and Drift in the comic and I fucking missed it.
23. That being said, #40. Oh my, this is my comfort read.
24. The fact that the Decepticon Empire was going to be based on bureaucracy.
25. A quote from Fyodor Dostoyevsky. You know when.
26. And a whole new playlist with new stuff I haven't known before.
27. I even like the feeling of second-hand embarassment when reading about Tailgate.
28. MTMTE made me write texts in English again (1), (2)
29. For MTMTE I learned to read comics online.
30. The fact that Tetrahex humour is like gin: very dry.
31. Cyclonus singing.
33. Tarn and his anguish!
34. I think I might be robosexual…
35. Megatron’s constant facepalming when dealing with his new crew.
36. All the allusions, to both science fiction canon and poetry.
37. That time when they all lived in Friends’ apartment.
38. Skids’ holomatter avatars!
39. The relationship between Megatron and Rodimus and Megatron and Ultra Magnus.
40. “Sometimes the fusion cannon is just that: a fusion cannon”. Heh.
42. The whole relationship between Nautica and Firestar.
43. The hypothesis that minibotsexual might be a valid orientation among Transformers.
44. The way Rodimus gets hotter and hotter with every issue (dammit, Alex Milne!)
45. There was this one time when I cried over Swerve.
46. The innuendos. I know Roberts will deny them, but I also know they are just that: innuendos.
47. Ten being an artist.
48. The fact that Megatron’s habsuite is 113.
49. Whirl’s setting clocks.
50. And Brainstorm and Rodimus being Megatron’s parents’ (with Whirl’s in midwife’s role).